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Tomorrow is the Day!

Technically, move-in day. The beginning of my college journey-  the beginning of Fall Welcome. I’m mostly packed. Knowing me, I’ll forget something absolutely huge and be sorely missing it – probably this laptop. I should get used to emailing people. I hope I’ll be able to keep up this blog – even if it’s only weekly or bi-weekly updates. With pictures, though, because of my lovely camera. Speaking of pictures – enjoy this red solo cup shot glass that I nearly forgot to pack. I hope I’ll be having some good nights with this sucker.




Post more tomorrow when I’m all moved in! 



College is Almost Here!

I’m stoked, nervous, stressed, hyped, and excited all in one these days haha. I move into my dorm in 13 days! I still have much to do in these upcoming two weeks, but I think I’ll be ready. I finished purchasing almost everything that I need for the upcoming year. All that’s really left to do is organize everything and pack it away.

I’ll write more when it actually comes time to move in and such!

Orientation – What Happened?!

Orientation is over. It’s taken me quite a few days to even think about posting a recap – I’ve been telling the story to so many people! My orientation lasted two days, July 12 and 13. I’ll divide my recap into two days to make it easier to think about.

Friday, July 12, 2013

I woke up at 6:30 in my comfortable bed. This morning was the first morning all summer that I had woken up before 11am. I was not a happy camper. It took me about an hour to get ready and double check that I had everything with me, and then I set off on the hour and fifteen minute drive to Marywood. When I got there, I had to check in. I got a lanyard with my nametag and photo ID slip in it and a drawstring backpack with a bunch of goodies. Since I got there at 9am and registration ended at 10:45, I had another hour to kill. So I walked around and talked to some kids. I also waived my insurance – an option my school offers because every student must have health insurance. We all trekked over to the Performing Arts Center (similar to an auditorium) and crammed in all the students, parents, faculty, and orientation leaders. The President of the University (who just happens to be a nun) spoke to us about being fabulous students and finding our way in the world.

We then gathered into small groups. This was kind of to force us to meet new people and become acquaintances with them. We had to play terrifyingly awkward games and engage in “group activities”. I warn you all – think of a creative adjective for yourself that begins with the same first letter as your name, and find a motion to go along with it just for good measure. Then there was lunch. It was kind of intense trying to figure out who to eat lunch with, but I managed by just plopping down at a table full of kids and starting a conversation. There was then a presentation on the different academic services offered at the college, like Diversity Efforts and Disability Services. An hour and a half of “free time” followed. There were scheduled sessions that we could go to that covered topics like Leadership and Athletics and Study Abroad. After that, we all marched over to our second small group meeting where we endured more embarrassing games. Dinner followed.

The real terror happened next. The… duh duh duh… Student Life Theater Presentations. These were god awful. The students put work into them, but I still think that they weren’t the best, were somewhat overdone, and were a bit too crude for the visiting parents. They were skits based off of popular TV shows or movies that surrounded topics like calling campus safety if you want someone to walk you home, binge drinking, deceiving the RA’s, and rape. I sat next to some friends I had made. There was another small group meeting. Then, the evening entertainment began. It was this old guy named Dave Binder who sang songs about all the sex you’ll have in college and that there should be some sort of college island that you all have to swim to.

After all of that, it was time for bed. I ended up hitting the sack around midnight, but I know a bunch of other people were in bed much later than me.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not much happened on Saturday.  I was up at 7:15 to shower and move all of my stuff out of the dorm. I chose to eat breakfast before shuffling everything out into my waiting car. I was getting a bit sick of walking around with my knee brace on, so I ended up leaving early – but not before saying goodbye to my new friends!

Getting Ready for Orientation



What I Get To Do / Thoughts On Orientation

Words cannot describe how stoked I am for orientation. My orientation is two days long – 9am on Friday morning to 6pm on Saturday evening. We get to sleep in the dorms overnight! There are lots of events lined up that we don’t know about, but we do know that we’ll be meeting with our academic advisor, participating in group activities with our future classmates, taking our ID picture, receiving our schedules, and getting “entertained”.

I’ve heard multiple horror stories about embarrassing games freshmen were forced to play at their summer orientation. I have no way of knowing whether or not that will happen to me, but if last year’s orientation is any reliable indication… let’s just say there was a flash mob. I’ve been told that it’s best to go along with whatever happens because you if you don’t, you’ll seem stuck up and no fun, but I honestly can’t imagine myself enjoying a flash mob or cheesy games. Who knows? I suppose it will be interesting to see who is in my group – I hope it’s the funny people.

Planning for Orientation

 I will be emailed shortly with a full list of what I need to bring, and I’ll get that ready. Number one item to plan… outfit! I’m normally not one of those girls to be picky about her outfit, but since there are a wide variety of activities I will have to participate in, I think this is as good a time as any to start. I’ll link to what I’m wearing below if you’re interested.

If you go to the link above, you’ll be redirected to my Polyvore account where I created two collages – one for the first day and one for the second. I’m going to bring a folder for all the paperwork I’m sure I’ll get while I’m there. I’ll post an update after orientation happens!!

Making Friends – Pre Orientation Style

If you’re reading my blog, then you’ve resorted to the internet to learn more about the college process. I myself do the same, often spending hours watching “Morning Routine – College Edition” and “First Week of College Vlog” YouTube videos. One more way that the internet has helped me with the college process is the “Class of 2017” facebook page! Every year, the orientation leaders create the page to group together the incoming class. Everyone posts an “introduction” where they say their name, hometown, major, and a few basics like favorite color, favorite drink, if you’ve ever shared a room before, if you party, drink, or smoke. Since Marywood is a Catholic university, you also have the option of posting your religion.

I honestly think that pages like these are a great way to interact and make friends even before orientation happens – plus, if you have to miss orientation, you’ll still find ways to meet people! For instance, one girl posted “Anyone here going to Warped Tour this summer?” and there are a group of about 5 kids who are all going to the same date. My orientation is July 12 and 13, and the Scranton  Warped date is the 16, so we’ll have already met each other and will be able to hang out all day!

If there is no group for your school on facebook, consider creating one yourself! You don’t have to be affiliated with the school, you can just create the group.

Finally Graduated!!

I’ve waited for this since I can remember. Now that I’m actually graduated, of course it doesn’t feel any different. However, I can say that since I’m graduated, I’ve felt more nostalgic, and I’ve also stopped thinking about high school as much and am focusing on college so much more.

I purposefully waited a few days to post about graduation in case I reached some huge epiphany, but so far there’s been nothing. I graduated on Monday, picked up my diploma and went serial shopping on Tuesday, and celebrated with some friends and teachers on Wednesday. Today is Thursday, and the first day I have actually had nothing at all to do. It’s wonderful. I do love spending time with family and friends, but now I have an opportunity to catch up on some shows, surf the internet, work out, and basically veg all day. Hope you all are doing well!

More Graduation Feels

Today I felt what it feels like to be able to do what you want. It was only for about 6 hours, but I enjoyed it immensely. I went to see a horror movie with about 5 friends, and then spontaneously went to hang out a *gasp* boy’s house (which I never do, usually because my parents won’t let me – this time I just didn’t tell them). It was so freeing, and makes me so much more excited to go off to college in the fall.  Today was the last Friday I’ll ever have in high school. It’s at that point now when friends’ writings in your yearbook make you cry because you realize that you’ll be living hours away from them in the fall and will only see them during breaks and over the summer. I know that I’ll make new friends in college, but the ones I’ve had for four years have to count for something, don’t they?

Graduation Feels

I graduate high school in 11 days. For me, this is a really easy and difficult thing to grasp at the same time. It’s easy because no one wants to deal with administrative bullshit any more than they absolutely have to, and that is the reality of high school, after all. It’s difficult because college is an entirely different world – one that I know next to nothing about. I know the ins and outs of high school. I know how to not get in trouble for something, how to get away with not doing anything, and how to get in with the teachers so they are on your side when things don’t go your way. Now that I’m starting in a completely different place, I’m scared. I know I’ll actually have to do work, but I also feel that it’s not as bad as everyone says it is or no one would really go, right? I don’t know, I could be completely wrong about that. The kids from my home district graduated last night, and there were lots of teary-eyed facebook statuses and tweets along with pictures that looked like they could have been in a magazine called “How To Have The Perfect Life”.

Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m eating pasta at home. I should be in fifth period, but I have an earache and don’t feel like going in to school right now. So I’m not. I feel like this is something that can’t happen in college. Well, we shall see, won’t we?

Why I’ve decided to make this blog:

Plain and simple, the reason I decided to start this blog is because I would have loved to read something like this during my college process. I hope to post things that describe my experiences, and talk about my successes and failures. Also, things that everyone actually wants to read about, like the parties and the socializing. I will be completely honest.

I’m going to start off by saying that I am in no way an expert on anything. This is my first time through college, so you’re experiencing everything along with me! That being said, enjoy this journey with me – at least I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it.