Last Day of Spring Break

It’s over, but it was great. I helped my dad clean the house. I hung out with friends. I saw my mom. I brought my roommate to my hometown and showed her around for three days. We had many adventures, much music, good food, good times, and many laughs. Now I’m back in Scranton, ready to figure more things out and get back in the swing of things.

It wasn’t a break in the traditional sense, I didn’t have much time to just be alone and recharge and veg out, but I had a break from the worries of class. I asked one of my professors for an extension on a project that had been bothering me for weeks, and he okayed it, so my time felt more like my time.

Tonight, Ire and I got back to town, watched Spotlight in theaters and came home to a house full of drunk teenagers from all around PA. We thought we had missed Parade Day and all of the chaos it brings, but I’m glad we got to be around reckless youth for a few hours. We met our neighbor who came over and talked with us about biking and his childhood home, and we met a complete stranger who was lost (I managed to reconnect him with his people and get him home) and debated politics for hours. We jammed on guitar and shared our love of languages and renewable energy. I am happy!


About Lisa Wilson

22 year old social worker, pursuing her MSW and trying to live every day to the fullest. Never seen without iced coffee or her planner!

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