It’s Almost That Time

If you’re anything like me (and still in school), your “New Year, New Me” resolutions don’t happen on January 1st. They happen right about now – when school is about to be back in session. So, in the holiday spirit, I’ve decided to share with you all my resolutions and “new year feels.”


  1. Keep up with color-coding my planner
  2. Not procrastinate on papers (that always bit me in the ass)
  3. Be pre-emptive about things like laundry – nothing is worse than being stuck one day with nothing to wear because you forgot to do laundry the day before
  4. Post on this blog weekly or as often as cool things happen (but no less)!
  5. Keep rotating weekly to-do lists with short term and long term goals to keep me goal oriented!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to discuss my new year feels. As you know, I am just about to begin my sophomore year of college at Marywood University. In exactly one week I will hopefully be asleep in my bed in my dorm room!

suitcase most likely will not close if we're being honest with each other here

suitcase most likely will not close if we’re being honest with each other here

I have begun the painful and confusing journey of packing my clothing… I am never quite sure what to bring and what to leave behind. In the back, you can see the box in which I am packing my school supplies (something I’ve been really into this year for some reason).

In other news, I will be receiving my Canon EOS Rebel t3i in the mail tomorrow, and will be able to take absolutely stellar pics of my dorm and my life, and if you would be interested in seeing maybe a photo series of something, let me know in the comments!!! I’ll do one of my move-in day!


About Lisa Wilson

21 year old social worker, pursuing her MSW and trying to live every day to the fullest. Never seen without iced coffee or her planner!

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