Monthly Archives: June 2013

Finally Graduated!!

I’ve waited for this since I can remember. Now that I’m actually graduated, of course it doesn’t feel any different. However, I can say that since I’m graduated, I’ve felt more nostalgic, and I’ve also stopped thinking about high school as much and am focusing on college so much more.

I purposefully waited a few days to post about graduation in case I reached some huge epiphany, but so far there’s been nothing. I graduated on Monday, picked up my diploma and went serial shopping on Tuesday, and celebrated with some friends and teachers on Wednesday. Today is Thursday, and the first day I have actually had nothing at all to do. It’s wonderful. I do love spending time with family and friends, but now I have an opportunity to catch up on some shows, surf the internet, work out, and basically veg all day. Hope you all are doing well!


More Graduation Feels

Today I felt what it feels like to be able to do what you want. It was only for about 6 hours, but I enjoyed it immensely. I went to see a horror movie with about 5 friends, and then spontaneously went to hang out a *gasp* boy’s house (which I never do, usually because my parents won’t let me – this time I just didn’t tell them). It was so freeing, and makes me so much more excited to go off to college in the fall.  Today was the last Friday I’ll ever have in high school. It’s at that point now when friends’ writings in your yearbook make you cry because you realize that you’ll be living hours away from them in the fall and will only see them during breaks and over the summer. I know that I’ll make new friends in college, but the ones I’ve had for four years have to count for something, don’t they?

Graduation Feels

I graduate high school in 11 days. For me, this is a really easy and difficult thing to grasp at the same time. It’s easy because no one wants to deal with administrative bullshit any more than they absolutely have to, and that is the reality of high school, after all. It’s difficult because college is an entirely different world – one that I know next to nothing about. I know the ins and outs of high school. I know how to not get in trouble for something, how to get away with not doing anything, and how to get in with the teachers so they are on your side when things don’t go your way. Now that I’m starting in a completely different place, I’m scared. I know I’ll actually have to do work, but I also feel that it’s not as bad as everyone says it is or no one would really go, right? I don’t know, I could be completely wrong about that. The kids from my home district graduated last night, and there were lots of teary-eyed facebook statuses and tweets along with pictures that looked like they could have been in a magazine called “How To Have The Perfect Life”.

Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m eating pasta at home. I should be in fifth period, but I have an earache and don’t feel like going in to school right now. So I’m not. I feel like this is something that can’t happen in college. Well, we shall see, won’t we?

Why I’ve decided to make this blog:

Plain and simple, the reason I decided to start this blog is because I would have loved to read something like this during my college process. I hope to post things that describe my experiences, and talk about my successes and failures. Also, things that everyone actually wants to read about, like the parties and the socializing. I will be completely honest.

I’m going to start off by saying that I am in no way an expert on anything. This is my first time through college, so you’re experiencing everything along with me! That being said, enjoy this journey with me – at least I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it.